Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tips for Photo Shoot Make-up

Tips for Photo Shoot Make-up
- Cynthea Wight Hausman

Make-up applications are slightly different for Professional Photo shoots from daily make up application. Here are some tips for making your shoot go perfectly.

Application Lighting:
- Use natural light – for example, near a big window

Prepare Your Skin:
- Wash, exfoliate, tone and lightly moisturize your face before applying make up
- Oil control is very important. If you can, use oil free formulated products
- Pull your hair away from the face
- To reduce puffy eyes, use Preparation H

- Use a concealer 2 shades lighter than skin to cover blemishes and dark spots; apply before foundation application.
- Use a green tint to cover red spots and yellow tint to cover purple spots.

- Choose a thicker formulated foundation rather than the sheers ones that are used in daily applications so that all blemishes are covered easily.
- Blend foundation from chin into your neck so that they are of the same color.
- Translucent Powder: Use lots of it, and reapply between shots, to create a mat finish look

- Contour cheeks and eyes to create a sculpted look

- Highlight eyebrow bones using light shadow to create lively eyes
- Avoid eyeshadow that is too frosty or shimmery – it’ll appear shiny
- Apply eyeliner with precision
- Use waterproof mascara
- Overall application needs to be with a heavier touch than daily make up, the flash of the camera can wash you out.

- Use lipstick and liner of same color, in a shade darker than natural lip colour

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!


Patrycja said...
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Patrycja said...

should the foundation color be darker the natural skin color for the photo shoot? I saw a Bobbi Brown video where she was applying makeup on a model and to me the foundation color looked evidently darker then the rest of the skin. On the pictures, however, model's face looked perfectly even.

Patrycja said...
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Cynthea Wight Hausman said...

I think you should always match the true color of the skin. Otherwise, it looks strange. Thanks so much for your question!

Anonymous said...

cool tips! Love u!


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