Monday, September 9, 2013

Wedding: Beautiful Cassandra's Big Day Makeup

Quechee, Vermont - I drove down to Quechee, Vermont for Cassandra and her wedding party last Saturday. Last minute venue changes turned me around and I played back and forth between the Vermont and New Hampshire borders for a while until I figured out exactly where her hotel was.  I don't use a GPS and I'm not sure if it would have helped.  Fortunately, I always pad my schedule and we ended exactly on time for Cassandra to step into her gown.  The added delight is my cousin was in the bridal party and it was wonderful to see her, too.

As you can clearly see, Cassandra is a stunning natural beauty.  I used a light setting on my airbrush to even her skin tone very slightly.  I am in LOVE with my Urban Decay NAKEDS pallet and I used soft pinks and neutral purple as a contour in her eyes.  She had lash extensions so no mascara was needed but, I did use MAC TechniKohl in graphic black as a liner.  The with a small brush I softly added a touch of grey under the eye.  She really only needed bronzer for her cheeks to give her a glow.  Lip liner in natural all over her lips and a light pink lipstick finished her look.  I cannot wait to she her professional pictures!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Weddings 2013 ~ Beautiful Bride Dina weds at Sugarbush Resort, Vermont

It was an absolutely beautiful day in Vermont last weekend as I drove from my Spa in Burlington to Sugarbush Resort for Dina's Wedding makeup.  A large music festival hung up traffic for a bit and I arrived a few minutes late (I hate that!)  Thankfully, Dina was a very relaxed Bride and I was able to make up time. She had a room full of fun friends and family supporting her and making it a festive atmosphere.

I crafted a look for Dina using my favorite pallet from Urban Decay - the NAKED pallet.  She chose warm golden tones and bronzer with a light lip.  This was the only room full of ladies I had ever worked in who all knew their MAC foundation colors (and they were right.)  It was awesome.

Congratulations to Dina, her new partner in life and her whole family!